May 15, 2021
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March 25, 2023 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there any practice problems or any way to prepare for the contest? A: Currently, we have the papers from 2021 and a Practice Set modelled after previous online contest. While neither the in-person nor online contests match the 2021 format exactly, the questions are a good way to help train your thinking as the same skills will be tested. Additionally, reviewing basic junior high science concepts is a good way to prepare. Please note that the 2023 contest has been better attuned to the junior high curriculum.

Q: How much does this contest cost to participate in? A: This is a completely free contest!

Q: What are the contest questions based on? A: The contest questions are largely based on basic junior high school science skills such as reading and understanding. However, knowledge of junior high science concepts is required for some questions such as those in the Knockout Round.

Q: Will the contest papers be released afterwards? A: Yes, we will release all our contest papers, answer keys, and a video to explain the questions after every contest.

Q: How difficult are the questions? A: For the 2023 contest, the contest aims to test science ability and creativity thinking more than just basic science knowledge.

Q: Can I still join the contest if I am not in junior high school? A: This contest is quite challenging and is specifically targeted towards those in junior high school, and as such we strongly recommend that only those in grades 7, 8, and 9 participate. However, if an individual should feel that they are wanting to compete, then they can sign up.

Q: When and how long is the contest? A: The contest for 2023 is planned to be 4 hours.

Q: Who can participate in the contest? A: We are accepting any student in grade 9 or under.

Q: Are there cash prizes? A: Yes, there are cash prizes in the form of Amazon Giftcards. Specific details can be found on our About RMJSC page.

Q: Where will the contest take place? A: The contest will take place at the University of Calgary, however specific details will come later.

Q: What if I don’t have a team for the contest? A: That is completely fine and you can still sign up. We can help form teams with contestants who don’t have a team.


May 15, 2021
1 min

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