Peak Puzzles

Sign up individually or with a team to participate in Peak Puzzles running from December 17th-20th! Teams need to only sign up once together. Don’t forget to follow our Instagram account to finish registration. You will be sent an email to confirm registration within 2-3 days.

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Prize Draw

All participants, upon registration and completion of their survey, will be allocated one entry in the prize draw. However, participants can increase their chances in the prize draw by inviting others. For every person that a participant invites and signs up under their name, the contestant will gain an additional entry up to 10 additional entries!


Each team only needs to sign up once. If you don't have a team, you can also sign up individually without any disadvantage.

Peak Puzzles

is a low commitment 3 day Instagram event with a series of three puzzles - one being posted each day of the event. This event is open to all youth 18 and under and participants can work individually, in teams of 2, or teams of 3. Each puzzle is specifically designed around one of the three sciences and is targeted towards engaging critical thinking. As such, there is no prior knowledge that is necessary to participate in the challenge. For instance, the biology puzzle provides information regarding an animal’s behaviours, habitat, and other such information and then teams would need to infer what animal is being described. However, there will be a separate prize pool for those in junior high school and below.

Each puzzle will be released at 3pm MT during each of the 3 challenge days. Teams can then work together to come with the answer which should not be longer than a few words or a sentence. To submit answers, teams can send a direct message to our Instagram account with their team members and final answer. The answer can not be altered once it is submitted to us. To determine the winner, the first measurement that is used is how many puzzles a team got right and the second measurement that is used is the average time a team took after the puzzle was released.

Monetary prizes (Amazon giftcards valued at $60 CAD) for top 3 teams! There is also a prize draw (2 $10 CAD Amazon giftcards) for all participants!

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