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Peak Science offers a group of dedicated tutors, each a top high school student (all with averages above 95% in the subjects they teach). Our team collectively holds a wealth of knowledge, particularly in math and science fields, where many tutors have completed first-year university-level courses (IB/AP). We offer online tutoring services for both high school and junior high school students in the science and math fields. When teaching, our tutors will use resources that many schools currently use ensuring that no information taught is outdated or no longer useful for school.
Whether you are seeking a tutor to go over the curriculum for a certain course, or a tutor to help with a homework assignment or upcoming test, we can help you. All of our tutors are familiar with the Alberta Program of Studies as well as the AP and IB programs. As we are a not-for-profit organization, we teach free of charge, however, we only have a certain capacity for students. Due to having several tutors available, we also offer a flexible schedule capable of accommodating your calendar, as often as necessary.


We use Discord to facilitate our sessions, however, if you have a preference for another platform, feel free to email us. To sign up, fill out the form below.

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